The Clap

No, not that clap.  The simple hand clap.  We don’t think about it much but, when done properly, a hand clap can really add flavor and fun to a song.

What would Stuck in the Middle With You be without the hand clap?  Not nearly as infectious and fun, right?


The Cars had a couple great hand clap songs with My Best Friends Girl and Lets Go.

Certainly Steve Miller’s Take the Money and Run should be considered one of the all time best uses of the hand clap.  Who hasn’t clapped along with that one a few times over the years? Billy Joe and Bobby Sue were living the high life. Billy Mack never will find them.

What list of hand clapping songs would be complete without Queen, who used it effectively on Another One Bites the Dust and We Will Rock You.

Perhaps my favorite hand clapping song is by Simon & Garfunkel.  I’ve been playing this song on my mandolin a lot lately and I wish I had an extra pair of hands so I could clap along.

I don’t remember many dreams but I had one this past week where I won the powerball and we moved to the Hamptons, right next door to Billy Joel! Of course, Billy and I became best friends.  Virginia wasn’t there.  She must have died young.

Hmmm, I’ve only scratched the surface here.  I can already think of ten other great ones, including the Bay City Rollers!  Look for a follow up post some time soon.  Now, here’s a song called The Clap.




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