Elephant Talk

Wow, what a painful and vomit inducing debate that was last night!  I hung in there for two hours but by 11, I couldn’t take it anymore and went to bed.  This is the worst group of candidates that I can ever remember.  Granted, I’m not a republican, and would not expect to agree with that much that was said.  Even so, the amount of hate towards President Obama and Hillary Clinton was over the top.

This is where I think that the shear number of candidates has coarsened the debate.  It’s so hard for anyone other than Trump to gain traction that they all end up trying to outdo each other with their “manliness”.  Guns, war, more guns.  I’m tougher than you.  Yada yada.

Talk, talk.  It’s only talk.



One thought on “Elephant Talk

  1. The only thing I enjoy about the debates is that the next day Factcheck.org comes out with their responses and you get to see how “truthful” their statistics actually are. I will pay more attention to it next year when we get down to a couple of candidates. Unfortunately right now they are really only trying to win over their parties with tough talk and “I can hate them Dems” more than you.


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