There aren’t many bands that I’ll still travel to see anymore.  Making the shortlist is King Crimson, who I traveled to see in Albany last year.  What an amazing show that was!  Worthy of its own blog entry at some later date.

Back on 11-24-00, a friend and I traveled to Toronto to see King Crimson at a big bar near the waterfront called The Warehouse.  I loved this show.  It was a standing show and we were able to get right up near the front of the stage.  I prefer standing shows.  I think they are much more fun and interactive than sitting shows.  Crim did something on this tour that they had never done before and have never done since.  They played a cover.  In the 47 year history of the band, they have only ever played one song that was not their own in concert and it happened on this tour.  That song was Heroes.  It was an inspired choice.  Fripp was the lead guitarist on the original recording and Belew toured with Bowie twice and also appeared on Lodger(credited with playing guitar and mandolin!).

So, we got to see something that most King Crimson fans have not experienced live.  Except, we didn’t.  As most Crim fans surely know, the band has a strict, no photography policy during a performance.  They have signs up at their shows about it.  They have a prerecorded announcement about it.  They have security frisk people at the doors(this show was pre-smart phone so they were actually frisking for cameras).  The band feels that their audience should live in the moment and appreciate the music while it’s being created and that photography takes away from their performances.  Who are we to argue?  If I want a picture of the band, I can look at one on the internet.  Back to the show.  It was spectacular.  The vibe was great.  Fripp was actually seated at the front of the stage and not hiding near the back.  All was good until, near the very end of the show, a camera flash went off!  The band finished the song and Fripp left the stage.  The band followed Fripp and never came back.  Heroes was their encore song.  They used it that tour to reward their audiences for complying with their no photography policy.  It was still a great show but, we could have been heroes, just for one night…

Set List:

  1. Larks’ Tongues in Aspic (Part IV)
  2. Coda: I Have a Dream
  3. The ConstruKction of Light
  4. Into the Frying Pan
  5. FraKctured
  7. Thela Hun Ginjeet
  8. Improv
  9. ProzaKc Blues
  10. Dinosaur
  11. Frame by Frame
  12. Elephant Talk
  13. Three of a Perfect Pair
  14. The Deception of the Thrush
  15. Red

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