The Pres

I just watched the President’s speech on guns.  As you may know, President Obama, fed up with a do nothing Congress, has issued an executive order regarding universal background checks in an effort to close existing loopholes.

Let me please stop any gun lovers out there right now.  No one is taking away your guns.  No one has ever taken them away in the  past and no one is going to take them away in the future.  Enough with the paranoia!

89% of the country approves of universal background checks.  Odds are that everyone reading this approves of background checks.  So what’s the beef?  Is it that the President has overreached?   Has he?  Has every president overreached as well, with their executive orders?

I call BS on that argument.  I stand with President Obama on many, but not all issues.  I am one hundred percent behind him here.  He makes a very compelling case, not that I needed convincing.

We need to stand up to the gun lobby.  To do that, we need to make this an issue that we strongly consider when we go to the voting booth.  The President was correct when he said that Congress will only stop backing the gun lobby when it starts to cost them their jobs.  If you don’t go to the voting booth, why the hell not?  It’s literally the least you can do.

Once again, no one is taking away your guns.  We just need to close the loopholes.  No, this will not solve every problem or prevent every gun death.  It is, however, a common sense way of dealing with the issue.  This is not and should not even be a partisan issue.  When past presidents, including a recent republican, issued similar executive orders, I was 100% in agreement.  I would urge you, regardless of your political leanings, to take a deep breath, realize that no one is coming for your guns, and get behind this executive order.

Presidents Bush and Clinton Also Used Executive Orders to Reform Gun Laws

Now, here’s a great story song about, among other things, a gun.  I miss Warren Zevon.  I’m grateful that I got to see him once before he left us.


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