Has anyone been following the ongoing saga in Oregon?  I didn’t think so.  The media is barely covering this story.  I was particularly ticked off at the CBS morning show yesterday, who gave Trump yet more free airtime with at least a twenty minute interview but didn’t think it was relevant to ask him about Oregon.


For those readers not up on the news, a number of armed men from out of state took over an unoccupied, federal wildlife facility in protest of two local ranchers who are going to jail for arson.  It actually sounds like the local ranchers have a legitimate beef with the Bureau of Land Management but that is not the point that interests me.  The ranchers want nothing to do with the armed terrorists.  Yes, that’s what these people are.

You can’t even step foot on federal property with a gun without breaking the law.  These domestic terrorists gave an interview with a local reporter and said they are not leaving and will die if they have to.  One of them even posted a goodbye video to his family on social media.  They haven’t injured anyone yet and the authorities are trying to settle this without bloodshed, which is great.  I get it.  However, the point has been made by many already that the way these men are being treated amounts to white privilege and that if they were black or Muslim, they would already be dead. It’s hard not to agree with that perspective.

Two of the leaders there are sons of the nut job rancher from last year in Nevada.  They had another standoff against the federal government then and got away with it!  Bundy was a Fox News darling for a day or two until they interviewed him on TV and he showed his true colors by spouting off about the “negro”.

They better not get away with it this time. This is terrorism, plain and simple.  The so called liberal media keeps referring to them as militiamen or as protesters, which is absolutely ridiculous and is an absolute insult to our military, police forces, and to genuine protesters.

I’m all for peaceful protests.  I think it’s one of the things that makes our country so great.  This is not a peaceful protest.  They are armed and are refusing to stand down.  They claim to be willing to fight against our police and military.  That’s not protesting.  That’s sedition and it’s against the law.


I’ll be interested to see how this plays out and to see how much time the authorities give these terrorists before they send in the black helicopters.  In the meantime, social media has been destroying the terrorists, with the hashtags yallqaeda , vanillaisis, yokelharam, and others trending over the past day or so.  Love it.  Whoever thought up yallqaeda should immediately be hired by The Daily Show.

Here’s a list of great protest songs:


And here’s the man himself, JCF!



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