The X-Files

Mulder and Scully are coming back next month to once again investigate the paranormal and to try to get to the truth about aliens on Earth.  The truth is out there!  A limited, six episode run starts on January 24th and I am genuinely excited to see it.

When the show debuted in 1993, it immediately hooked me.  I never missed an episode or if I did, I recorded it on the VCR(funny how things can change so quickly).  I absolutely loved the monster of the week episodes.  There was that creepy guy who ate the livers and was killed under the escalator(Tooms?).  There was that gross, inbred family with the legless mother under the bed and so many others.  The monster of the week episodes were probably my favorite but the show mythology was the glue that held it together.

It’s the first show I can remember that had an ongoing mythology.  I was into every last detail.  What was the Cancer Man really up to?  What really happened to Mulder’s sister?  Was it an alien abduction or something else?

Admittedly, the show became so complicated that after five or six years, it became obvious that there would be no easy way to tie it all together.  The show went on for nine years and also spawned a couple movies but we never did get any answers, which was frustrating.  Still, the show was a cultural phenomenon at its peak and the casting was fantastic.  I loved Duchovny in Californication and Anderson was unbelievable in Hannibal but for me, they will always be Mulder and Scully.

Is the truth still out there?  I want to believe that is.


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