Face the Music

Now that I have a turntable again, I decided to stop into Record Theater on Saturday.  It was my first time going to a record store in a couple of years and I thought I’d share a few observations.

As I was parking, a group of freaky looking younger people were leaving the store.  I’m saying this in the best possible way.  If I was unable to read the sign on the front of the store, I would still have known that I was in the right place.  Most record store people have a certain look to them.  I used to look like that when I was younger.  Also, and this has definitely changed over the years, there were just as many women in there as men, which was interesting and great to see.

I only have  one gripe.  When did records get so expensive?  I’d guess that the average price was $25-30.  Some of the albums I looked at had either a free CD inside too or a free download of the album.  That seems like a pretty good value buy for $25.

Most of the floor space in the store is taken up by CD’s.  I would estimate that maybe twenty percent of the floor space was for records.  You know what made me smile from ear to ear?  Everyone in the store was in the record section!  Not one person was looking at the cd’s.  I made my way up and down the aisles, looking at various albums.  I was just about done when I discovered a whole other back room, filled with used records!  I rediscovered paradise, on Main Street in Buffalo.  It felt like I was back at Record Archive in Rochester.

The only thing missing was my someone to talk music with while shopping.  I may need to fly Alan L in from Florida to come with me next time.  In fact, I could hear people talking music all around me and had to bite down hard on my tongue not to join in.  It was killing me not to butt in on that conversation some young hipster was having about the ELO record he was holding.  No, I wanted to say, don’t buy Discovery.  Get Face the Music, Out of the Blue, or El Dorado instead!  But, I kept my mouth shut long enough to walk away and not let temptation get the best of me.

I’ll be back there soon, scoping out the albums like it’s 1975 all over again.  Here’s one of the best instrumentals ever, forever know by Rochestarians of a certain age as the “Seabreeze Song”.


One thought on “Face the Music

  1. I was at Salvation Army today.. there are literally 1000’s of vinyl records there basically free. Of course 99.9% of them are likely garbage but.. there is likely one in your area worth checking out.


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