The Satanists Next Door

Has anyone seen “This is Life with Lisa Ling” on CNN?  It’s really great television.  Too good for CNN, really.  If only their “news” was half as good as this show!

I watched three episodes the other night but it’s the one about satanists that really stuck with me.  Apparently, satanists do not actually worship satan or sacrifice animals, etc.  They may or may not listen to Black Sabbath.  Probably not. They are actually atheists.  My people!  Sort of.  I learned that these people formed their temple to fight back against religion in politics and public life.  This is right in my wheelhouse and the things they are fighting for are mostly things that I believe in.

On one level, I think that it’s hilarious that these people chose to call themselves satanists.  They commissioned a giant statue of a goat headed creature called baphomet.  It’s all pretty funny to me because, as a non-believer, it’s no more far fetched than any other religion.  Here I go again, offending everyone.  Sorry. Not sorry.

Anyway, if they were only doing all of this as a big joke, that would be one thing.  But they are actually trying to make some serious points and fight back against religion encroaching on our lives and being used to create public policy.  It’s here where I think their name choice and overall satanic theme is a failure.  If you truly want to effect change, you have to meet the world halfway.  Being an atheist is already one big strike against you to many in world.  Now you’re calling yourselves  satanists and dancing around a goat headed statue?  That’s strikes two and three. It’s too much for the average person to think about.  All they’ll see is the devil stuff.

Regardless, if you get a chance to watch this series, I highly recommend it.  Lisa Ling is fantastic.   You may know her from her previous work with National Geographic.

Here’s a clip of Ozzy from 4-29-81 in Rochester.  I was at this  show and did get to see the great Randy Rhoads in person before his untimely death.  Devil horns!



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