What a Circus



Today’s Republican party makes me long for the days of Reagan, Bush(not W) and Dole.  I may not have agreed with them on everything but they could usually be counted on to put the country ahead of their party when push came to shove.  They were conservative but were not religious wack jobs.

It was nice to see many republican politicians speak out against Trump this week.  Lindsay Graham, in particular, was fun to watch.  Even so, there is a sizable contingent of the party that agrees with Trump.  I think that’s the dirty little secret of the republican party right now.  Even in the wake of his awful comments about closing the door to all Muslims, his support is strong in the party.


It’s hard to believe that so many still support him.  I can only assume that his supporters are as bigoted as he is.  What other  conclusion can be drawn?  I also have to assume, for my own peace of mind, that if he gets to the general election, Trump will get clobbered.  He will, right?

Speaking of circuses, today is the 47th anniversary of the Rolling Stones Rock n Roll Circus!  How’s that for a segue?


Jethro Tull opened the show with A Song For Jeffrey.  This is semi famous in Tull circles because guitarist Mick Abraham had just left the band and they had not yet hired Martin Barre. So for this one show only, Tony Iommi was the guitarist.  I can’t find video on youtube of Tull but here’s the Dirty Mac!


In a previous post, I made mention of the world premier of All You Need is Love and how I thought it was one of the coolest music events to ever air on TV.  The Rock n Roll circus was pretty damn cool too, even if they did wait 20 years to release it.

Here’s one more look. This was the last appearance that Brian Jones made with the Stones.


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