More Guns

So, I read that the Senate voted down a measure that would have prohibited people on the no fly list from buying guns.  The argument from the republican senators who voted no was that 40% of the people that are on the list, should not be.  I don’t know if that 40% number is correct or not, but let’s assume it is.

The pro-gun republican senators appear to be more concerned about those 40% and their right to buy guns than they are the general public’s ongoing safety.  I really can’t understand this at all.  I did read that if you’re on the no fly list and should not be, you do have some recourse and can get the matter corrected.  I’m sure it takes some time and is a pain in the ass to correct.  Still, you will eventually be able to get a gun, praise the lord.

This is absolutely awful.  It’s maddening.  It’s shameful.  It’s completely unacceptable to me.  It appears that the two sides on this, and many other issues, are only able to talk past each other.  We are a country divided.

I know most republicans want a small government with fewer laws, not more.  I get that.  I have a libertarian streak in me.  But, in my eyes, the number one job of any government is to keep its citizens safe, to the best of its abilities.  Are we really so afraid of “inconveniencing” the 40% on the no fly list, that we can’t block potentially dangerous people from buying guns?  Where are our priorities?  It’s things like this that make many of us feel that the republican party is in the pocket of the NRA.  It’s despicable.

Now here’s a nice Christmas song.



2 thoughts on “More Guns

  1. The ACLU has a problem with that list,
    You can not take away a constitutional right based on a maybe, that’s like baring people from entering the country based on their religion.
    From what I have read it is very easy to get on the list and very difficult to get off of it. There may be something like 2 million or more names on the list, but only 400,000 people, m ore or less. Alias make up a large number of those names from what I have read.
    While people cry that we should not let the terrorist change our lives, we have. Theses latest attacks are being used to ban guns, ban people from entering the country and to push other agendas. ISIS must be sitting in their bombed out hovels laughing at us. What they did and may do now occupies our daily lives and our media.


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