Okay, file this one under “craigslist rants and raves”.  I’m from Rochester originally.  Some of my earliest memories are of going to Wegmans in Irondequoit Plaza(The Plaza).  Wegmans has always been a part of my life.  I, like all Rochestarians, have always been very proud of Wegmans.

I’m really pissed at Wegmans! I know this is small and stupid.  I told you it was a rant.  Wegmans is now selling pizza slices by weight, rather than by the slice.  I bought a slice of pizza that had sausage on it last night and it was over $5.  For one slice!  As if weight somehow equals quality or cost of materials.  This is nothing but a crass money grab and it pisses me off. Now maybe this is just their way of saying, “hey, Tubby, a salad might do you some good.” Fair enough except have you checked out their salad bar? It’s like $8 or $9 per pound for some lettuce and tomatoes!

I’m getting cranky in my advanced years.  I went on their website and complained.  Who does that?  Apparently, I do now.  Of course, I don’t expect it to change but it still felt good to let them know that I see what they’re doing and that I won’t go there for lunch anymore.  It’s not like there aren’t a thousand other pizza joints in Buffalo.   End of rant.  Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.



2 thoughts on “Rant

  1. You should definitely send this letter or maybe a bit tamer letter to Wegmans. They should read this and even though I rarely buy pizza by the slice, I agree with you.


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