Whenever another major gun incident occurs, people on my side of the political spectrum are quick to blame the NRA for their lobbying hold over Congress.  I’ve done it myself and I do believe that their power is a detriment to our country. The NRA says they are representing gun owners but I believe that they are really representing gun manufactures just as much, if not more.

That said, blaming every gun related tragedy on the NRA doesn’t sit well with me because it lets everyone else off the hook.  It lets our elected officials in Congress off the hook(let’s face it, we’re mainly speaking about republican politicians). Is there anything more useless than the “thoughts and prayers” that politicians always tweet out?  A whole lot of good that does for the people getting gunned down every day.

Blaming the NRA also lets you and I off the hook.  Well, mainly you, if you’re a staunch supporter of gun rights.  We can argue about the second amendment and what it really means.  We can argue about a well regulated militia.  We can argue about whether or not we should take the words in the constitution literally or interpret them through the eyes of modern society.  We can argue all of those things and much more.

Here’s what we can’t argue about, the statistics and the numbers.  There are now more guns than there are people in the U.S.  Let that sink in for a minute.  It’s nauseating to me.

It’s also been reported that there have been more gun deaths in the U.S. since 1968 than in all of the wars our country has ever fought.

So, regardless of how you feel about gun rights, it’s important to know the facts.  The facts say that we pay a very steep price for our right to bear arms.  To many of us, the price is much too steep.  To those of you that disagree, that is your right.  In my eyes though, it makes you complicit in every gun death.  If you think nothing should change, that we shouldn’t have universal background checks, that we shouldn’t close the gun show loop holes, that guns should not be at least as hard to get as a driver’s license and that a record of every sale, public and private, should not be kept, then you are complicit.  Pretty harsh, huh?  Unless we change the way we think about guns though, nothing will change.

That’s how I feel about this.  I’ve felt this way for many years.  I’m glad to see that more and more people are coming around to my way of thinking about this.  Maybe, eventually, things will change.  Let’s hope it does before this gun violence touches you or me personally.  That’s a lottery I hope very much to never win.


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