I confess that, at this point, I really don’t understand the Trump phenomenon.  No matter what he says or does, no matter how many lies or half truths and exaggerations he utters, his supporters don’t seem to care.  He saw thousands of Muslims cheering in New Jersey after 9/11?  Yeah, right.  Even Giuliani and Christie have come out and refuted that.

This article attempts to explain it:

Apparently, his supporters have a severe distrust of the media and of fact checkers.  This is not so different from people still denying that we have a climate change crisis.  Or from the science denying crowd.  Facts be damned for these people.  They’re going to believe whatever they want to believe and we can just go to hell!

How in the world did we get this way?  Is this the product of a 24 hour a day media(cable and internet, a 2 for 1 bundle) that is mostly tailor made to fit whatever our preconceived notions are?  Why aren’t more of us a little more open to the possibility that we might be wrong about something, politically speaking?

I have no answers but as usual, plenty of questions.

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