Why in the world are we saddled with this miserable excuse of a franchise to root for?  Holy crap, Bills, can you be any more pathetic?  Must you find a new and exciting way to rip our hearts out every single year?

We’ve had some awful teams before.  We’ve had some god awful coaching before.  Have we ever seen a more poorly coached game than yesterday?  I really don’t think we have.  There were five challenge opportunities in the game and Rex missed on all five.  All five!  How in the world is this possible?  When grilled by reporters after the game, Rex said that there is no one on the coaching staff whose sole responsibility is to monitor challenge situations.  Really?  Why the hell not?  Coaching should never cost you a game in the NFL.  Everyone in Buffalo knows that’s the GM’s job anyway…

So now we’re stuck with another terrible game day coach for the next five years?  What did we all do to deserve this sports misery?  Were we all terrible people in our past lives?  I don’t believe in past lives but if I did, that would be a viable explanation for me.

Barring a minor miracle, this will be the sixteenth straight year with no playoffs for the Bills.  That is beyond pathetic.  And, it’s not like our last playoff game was all that great back in ’99.

Please, Sabres, please.  We’re begging you.  One before we die!


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