Jessica Jones

Is anyone else watching Jessica Jones on Netflix?  Much like Daredevil last year, Jessica Jones is gritty, realistic, dark, and thoroughly addicting.  I can see why Netflix released the whole season at once.  This is binge worthy television.  I’m only 5 episodes in and I’m hooked!

The lead actress is fantastic in her portrayal of someone with post traumatic stress disorder.  She battles her stress with humor and too many bottles of bourbon. The bad guy is portrayed by David Tenant.  Yes, our very own Dr. Who is a psychotic mind controller.  Whoever was in charge of the casting did a wonderful job.  We also get to see Luke Cage, Powerman.  Sweet Christmas, indeed!

I love all things, Marvel.  I always have.  I think Marvel was very smart to give their street level, dark characters, life on episodic TV. This is not the shiny, special effects Marvel from the movies.  These are the stories of what happens in the aftermath of the events from The Avengers movies, when regular people have to pick up the pieces.

The plan is for Luke Cage to get his own season and then possibly, Iron Fist will get a series too.  And then, we’re supposed to get a Defenders series.  This is great news for Marvel fans.  Can the Valkyrie be far behind?  I read that she may make an appearance in the next Thor movie.

Keep up the great work, Marvel.  I can’t  get enough of this stuff.



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