It’s All About the Vinyl, Man

My new toy arrived this week.  As a birthday/Hanukkah present from my parents, I received a new turntable.  My last turntable died somewhere in the mid 90’s, I think.  I didn’t really mind that much at the time.  CD’s were the big thing and I was happy enough to buy them.  They took up much less space and there were none of the snaps, crackles, and pops that often accompany playing records.  I replaced some of my records with CD’s but then mp3’s came along and so did file sharing sites.  You mean I can get music for free?  How cool is that?  Sure, the artists get no money from it but I used to tape my friend’s albums on cassettes back in the day.  Same thing, right?  Not really.  In this case, you absolutely get what you pay for.    Mp3’s are incredibly convenient but there’s just no comparison in sound quality.  Even my untrained ears can hear it.

I listen to most of my music in the car and through little desk top speakers at work.  Until this week, I had not played an album in probably twenty years.  What a mistake!  I completely forgot how much better the music sounds on vinyl.  It’s richer and fuller sounding. The sound quality more than makes up for the occasional pop.  I don’t even mind having to flip the album.  Now if someone would just open up a really cool record store in Buffalo, I could hang out there and talk music while shopping!


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