Take a Step Back

Yesterday, my town’s emergency services facebook page posted a link to this article, along with a personal note from whoever wrote the post:


I really appreciate whoever posted this.  The news this weekend was obviously grim and horrific.  We live in this 24 hour cable news era, where even when there is no new news, they just keep rehashing what is already known.  I realize they have a ton of time to fill and I also realize that we live in complicated and often dangerous times.

However, I refuse to be consumed by the news.  It can’t be all I talk or think about.  I am intensely interested in world affairs but it just can’t be good for the mental health to be consumed by them.  I’m going to continue to watch and read the news,  as much of it as I can stand.  But then, I’m going to play with the dog.  I’m going to have a nice dinner with my fabulous wife.  I’m going to play my mandolin, hopefully just a little bit better than I did the day before.  I’m going to cheer on the Sabres and the Bills.  You get the point.  I hope that whoever reads this is able to take a step back from world events and also find time to enjoy the little things.

Take a step back!


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