Shock. Horror. Anger. Sadness. There are so many ways to feel about the attacks and about the animals that are our enemies. I’m probably more of a pacifist than most people and I know I’m more liberal and progressive than many. Sometimes though, you have to take a stand. The extremists are our enemies and need to be put down like the rabid dogs they are.

They’ve been compared to nazis but it’s even worse than that because the enemy is not wearing a uniform. Will the U. S.  commit troops on the ground? Will any of the presidential candidates emerge sounding like a true leader? These are serious times and they require serious leadership. I can’t picture Trump or Carson leading us.

This should not be used as an excuse though,  to hate on all Muslims or on the Syrian refugees. We should be smart enough to distinguish between our true enemies and regular people. I think that the aftermath of 911 proved that we can be too quick with our bloodlust. Let’s make sure we go after and get the right people.

I’ll skip the religion talk for today because it’s probably not helpful. Extremism, religious or otherwise,  is a dangerous thing.

I’m not going to post a John Lennon song because I’m not feeling it today. No,  I’m thinking more of Bruce Springsteen from The Rising.

To the terrorists,  we’ll see you further on up the road.


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