Cover Me

I was planning on writing about the debate last night but, truth be told, I could only stomach watching about half of it.  Then I thought that I should write about the Sabres.  Holy crap, I love how they’re coming together.  But, in true Buffalo fashion, I don’t want to jinx them.  So, music it is!

I love a good cover song.  I like the ones where the new version is mostly re imagined.  Some covers are just known as the definitive versions, right?.  All Along the Watchtower, Blinded by the Light, Hallelujah, Take me to the  River, and Superman come immediately to mind.  An entire blog post could be dedicated just to Dylan covers because there are thousands of them.

I just heard The Foo Fighters do a killer version of Baker Street(I’m apparently 4 years behind on this one).  The signature sax solo is missing but it still sounds great.

Sticking with Gerry Rafferty for a minute,   Bonnie Raitt recently covered Right Down the Line and it just sounds off to me.  Why the reggae beat, Bonnie?  Hate it.

I much prefer her cover of Richard Thompson’s Dimming of the Day.  It’s a straight reading of the song but her voice adds so much to this amazing song.

Here’s a completely different take on Dimming of the day from Allison Krauss.

Okay, because it’s one of my favorite songs, here’s one more version, this time by David Gilmour:

Some covers are just an affront to my ears.  Mumford & Sons had a recent hit with a cover of The Boxer and it’s just awful.  I’m not posting it here.  I don’t want to bring you down.

I could write about cover songs all day long and post links to a thousand different songs, but I’ll leave you with Jimi.  This is my all-time favorite cover song and in fact, one of my all-time favorite songs.  There is no better cover, in my opinion.


2 thoughts on “Cover Me

  1. Noteworthy: Cream’s cover of Crossroads [originally recorded as Crossroads Blues] by Robert Johnson, and Led Zeppelin’s cover of Traveling Riverside Blues also by Robert Johnson.


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