Here’s Ben, again…

I wish it were Johnny I was writing about instead.  He was much more fun.  I would not even bother with Carson(I refuse to refer to this nut ball as Dr. any longer), except that he is currently leading in Iowa.  It’s not summer any more, it’s November.  The Iowa Caucus is now less than ninety days away and this odd creature is in the lead.  Come on Iowa, I know you’re smarter than this.  You are, right?

From the “just when I think this guy can’t say anything weirder department”, he spouts off about the Egyptian pyramids.

Before I continue with my rant, I need a break from this nonsense.

Okay. so, let me get this straight.  Carson believes that the biblical figure of Joseph built the pyramids to store grain in them.  Where do we start?  How about we start with the fact that there is no historical proof that “Joseph” even existed.  Okay next, archaeologists(all of them, not 4 out of 5) have agreed for many years that the pyramids were used to bury the Pharaohs and their families, etc. Bodies have been excavated from these pyramids for many years.  This is common knowledge.  It’s not up for debate.  It’s been proven.  And yet, this idiot is coming up with a nonsensical bible theory to explain why the pyramids were built.  The worst part of it is, we can’t just laugh it off because thirty percent of Iowa republicans are saying, “hey, he’d make a great president”.  It would be really funny if wasn’t so unbelievably stupid.

I’ve been reading more and more about anti-intellectualism.  I firmly believe it’s dragging our country down and  needs to be ridiculed at every turn.  Check this out for more information on it.

I’m going to watch the following video to calm myself down, before I have a heart attack…

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