Greed, the Final Frontier

Did you see the big news in the nerdosphere this week?  CBS announced that there will be a new Star Trek series in 2017.  This is great news for fans!  Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a new show that is as great as the original series or, even better in my opinion, The Next Generation?  Hell, I’d even settle for a new show as good as Deep Space 9 or Voyager.  I draw the line at Enterprise though.  If the new series is anything like that then never mind.

But wait, as it turns out, this is an infuriating money grab by CBS, who said they are only broadcasting the pilot episode on their network.  After that, we can only watch the series by subscribing to the new CBS online service for $6/month.  Well, CBS, do you know how that makes me feel?  Like this:

I have a feeling that CBS is going to suffer the wrath of Trek fans everywhere on this one.

To paraphrase Q, Cmon now CBS, do you really think that Gene Roddenberry would have approved of that?


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