Them Hillary, Ben, Bernie, and Donald Blues

Tomorrow is election day and, it being an off year election, we’ll probably get a 30-40% turnout.  That’s a sad number for the “greatest democracy in the world”.  It’s hard to picture the country’s founding fathers being all that happy about the amount of voter apathy we have.

One year from now, some of us will be voting for our next president.  Talk about apathy!  I never miss a vote and I don’t imagine that I ever will.  Still, I’m not at all excited about any of the candidates.

Call me a liberal or progressive or whatever other label you like.  The odds of me voting for a republican presidential candidate these days are slim to none.  The republican party has moved so far to the right in the last 15 years that Nixon and Reagan would be considered liberal by comparison.  There are few centrist, moderate republicans left in elected office(I can’t name any) and the party is beholden to the religious right, which I loathe.  It says a lot that two outsiders, Trump and barf, Carson, are leading the pack.  Even republican caucus and primary voters don’t like the elected officials that are running.

And then there is my party.  I really appreciate Bernie Sanders as a senator.  He is consistent and I believe has the most integrity of any candidate in either party.  From the start, we were told he is not electable and it’s hard to disagree with that.  How in the world can a socialist, Jewish, agnostic from Vermont get elected president?  Not gonna happen, right?  Right.  Still, he’s done much better than I ever thought he would and, if the New York, Democratic primary were held today, I would most likely cast my vote for Bernie.  I don’t like his stance on guns but agree with him on most other issues.  Sure, when he talks, I feel like my Rabbi is yelling at me, but he is honest, sincere, and takes shit from no one.

I want to like Hillary.  I really do.  I would love to cast a vote for the first female president.   I just wish it was Elizabeth Warren instead of Hillary.  I’ll never forgive Hillary for voting for the war and for the patriot act as my senator from New York.  I just won’t.  We needed her desperately back then and she failed us.  Having said that, assuming she wins the nomination, I will have to vote for her.  If for no other reason than because she’ll nominate better people for the supreme court, I’ll cast my vote for her.  I won’t be excited about it though.

How about you?  If the presidential election were tomorrow, and you could vote for any candidate still in the race, who would it be?  No judgments here unless you say Carson.  That guy’s an effing tool, sorry.  I’m totally going to judge you.  Best not to respond if you like Carson.  I want to think highly of my three readers 🙂


2 thoughts on “Them Hillary, Ben, Bernie, and Donald Blues

  1. I would vote for Trump, I like Carson, but not enough to vote for him and I am not sure he could handle the beltway. But honestly I do not know enough about any of them right now. The field is to big and the PA primary is too far off. If I could create my own candidate I would.
    The only thing I am sure of is I would never vote for either Bernie or then other one who shall remain nameless. I do agree with you about Elizabeth Warren, not sure if I would cast my vote for her, but I would consider it.
    What I find funny is you think the Republicans are to far to the right and I think the Democrats are way to far to the left. What I think we both can agree on is there are to many in each party that play to the extremes and not more to the middle where America is in general. There is not more compromise or working across the aisle like there was before.
    I get to see this being played out right here in Harrisburg PA. Literally right across the, since my firm has me working at PennDOT Central Office, which is across the street from the capital building. The governor gets 70% of what he wants in a budget, more or less, and just veto’s the whole budget.
    Both the Senate and the House are strongly controlled by the Republicans. A smart man would have signed the budget and claimed victory, not Wolfe, who has a PHD from MIT by the way. Got to be the dumbest governor ever.
    He has stated that he either gets the budget he wants or not at all.
    At least we know in 3 years we will have a new Governor here in PA.


    1. Thanks for reading and for commenting, Ron. I agree that we need more compromise and governing from our politicians. It will be very interesting to see what happens, now that Paul Ryan is Speaker. In my opinion, the Tea Party wing has damaged the party tremendously. They do not seem to care about actually governing and remind me of the Joker in The Dark Knight. “Some men just want to see the world burn.”


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