No, this blog entry is not about converting you to my religion.  It’s about music and the fact that one of my favorite things to do in life is find new music and share it with people.  Much like the Jehovah Witnesses at your front door, I am usually met with a mixed response or an outright door slam when I tell people about new music that I’ve found.  Also, I really like the word, “proselytize”.  It has a nice ring to it.

It seems like, by the time we reach a certain age, most of us stop finding new music.  We get busy with other things, have other priorities, and end up listening to the same music we grew up with for the rest of our lives.  And then there are the rest of us.  We are music fanatics who are constantly listening to and trying to search out cool new tunes.  I remember very clearly being in California in the Summer of ’82. I really hit it off with my brother-in-law’s sister and brother-in- law(did you follow that?).  They were a great couple to hang out with and they got a kick out of my musical fanaticism.  They said something to me that summer that always stuck with me.  They said that as you grow older, music will become less important.  I told them that would never happen to me.  I’m happy to say that, although their point was correct in general, it never applied to me.

One of the bands that I’ve come to love in my, cough, middle age,  is Iron & Wine.  Although they’ve been around for a number of years now, they/he are mostly popular with a younger crowd.

They are an interesting mix of Folk, Americana, and on recent albums, Psychedelia. I can draw a fairly direct line between what they are doing now musically and what bands like the Moody Blues and Jethro Tull did from 68-73. There are big differences lyrically though.  Sam Beam’s lyrics are a wonder to me.  They are dense and thick, like poems you might have had to dissect in English class.  Many of the songs are also filled with religious references that are admittedly, over my head.  Really, at least half of the time, I have no idea what he is singing about.  I don’t care though.  His voice is phenomenal.

If you’ve never heard them, give the following links a try.  I’m going to post one with a full band and one acoustic song.  Hope you like it.  If not, you can slam the door in my face and I’ll move on to the next house.  Youtube is my Watchtower pamphlet.


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