More weeds than grass

I’ve owned three houses in my life.  I’ve also had three of the shittiest lawns you have ever seen.  Coincidence?  No, sad to say, this is not even remotely a coincidence.

First of all, I absolutely hate yard work. I do actually enjoy mowing the lawn, but that’s as far as it goes.  Gardening, weeding, digging in the dirt? No thanks.  It’s back breaking, sweaty work.  I’d rather go to the dentist.

Secondly, all of those chemicals that my neighbors are pouring onto their lawns can’t be good for us, can they?  They’re so powerful, that warning signs are required after each application.  That can’t be good for our pets or for us, as we track some of this into our homes.  Also, don’t some of those chemicals seep into the water table?  Maybe they don’t, but it seems unlikely that the chemicals only stay on the lawns they are applied to.

Last up is the issue that interest me, and also scares me, the most.  Of course, I’m talking about water.  According the EPA, we use almost 9 billion gallons of water per day to water our lawns!  For what?  Is it really worth wasting our most precious natural resource, just to have a green lawn?

Here in Buffalo, fresh water is plentiful, but we all know that worldwide, we’re in trouble.  This is not just an overseas problem which does not effect us.  We only have to look at California to see how big of an issue that water is.  There is some great information on this page:

I recently read an article about a speech that Elon Musk gave in Berlin.  Musk believes that climate change, and the scarcity of fresh water and food caused by it, may lead to a refugee crisis that dwarfs what we just witnessed with Syria.

It’s hard for one person or one household to make much of a difference in the world, isn’t it?  Here’s what I’m going to do though.  I’m going to continue to have a shitty lawn that I never water and never put chemicals on.  Really, the weeds are just as green as my neighbor’s grass. If you drive by my house fast enough, you’ll never even see the difference!  Is this a long way to go to make an excuse for why I hate yard work?  Oh yeah!  Does it mean I”m wrong?  I don’t think so.


3 thoughts on “More weeds than grass

  1. I think you are getting close to making the decision to move into a condo! No yard work at all! By the way, there are companies out there that use a more natural approach to weeds than the harsh chemicals.


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