Never been to Spain

Cory Wells died this week.  He was a founding member of Three Dog Night and also happened to be from the Buffalo area.  They had a whole string of hits in the early 70’s and are probably best known for Joy to the World.  One of my earliest memories is of singing that song with my sisters.  I’m not sure that this band has ever gotten the respect that they deserved.  They were full of soul and masters at taking other people’s songs and making them their own.

In 1983, Three Dog Night played the Festival Tent in downtown Rochester.  Ten years removed from their last hit, they were already on the oldies circuit and probably were not far off from opening for a puppet show, ala Spinal Tap.

On this summer night in ’83 though, they had a full house, er, tent, and they brought it, big time.  I was the youngest person there, by far.  I had low expectations but for a $7 investment, thought I’d give them a chance.  This was no oldies show.  They played every hit they had: Joy to the World, One, Eli’s Coming, Mam Told Me Not to Come, Shambala, Black and White, Old Fashioned Love Song, and this one, always my favorite of theirs:

RIP Cory Wells


One thought on “Never been to Spain

  1. One of my favorite bands of all times and every single song you mention I think I can still sing the lyrics!! And yes we did sing these songs at the top of our lungs, especially Joy to the World and Shambala…. ahh the memories that band brings back. Thanks for the trip down memory lane


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