And another thing

I know, I know. I keep harping on this creationism thing but what can I say, it is my blog :).  Take a look at this map:

Why is it okay for publicly funded schools to teach creationism in science class?  This is an outrage and it’s weakening the minds of our children.  Evolution has been scientifically proven.  Creationism is a fairy tale.  To in any way compare the two or to somehow make it appear as if evolution is is still a question mark is ridiculous.

Why is it okay for taxpayer money to be used for this purpose?  We all know about the hoopla with Planned Parenthood and how their federal funds are constantly under attack, due to the abortion issue.  How is this any different?  School districts that teach creationism in science class should lose their public funding!  It’s absolutely unacceptable.

Back to what Tyson said about government in a previous post, and I’m paraphrasing, “your personal truth, in a society that freely allows many religions and in fact, no religion at all, should not dictate how you govern.  If you’re going to govern a pluralist country, you must base it on objective truths.”  This applies to public education in the very same way.  I’ll throw you a bone and let you keep your tax funded vouchers and scholarships in private schools.  Teach whatever you want there.  That’s on the parents.  But not in public schools.  We must demand better from our government and from each other.

Okay, I’m worked up here.  I need to post a song that will make me happy.  In honor of McCartney being here in town tonight:


3 thoughts on “And another thing

  1. Well.. what fun is it if I just let you sit around and agree with each other. So… teaching creation as science in public schools is dumb.. check.. agreed. Texas has a horrible record when it comes to racism… check.. agreed. Luckily our own back yard is such a bastion of tolerance and success.. oh.. wait.. Buffalo and Rochester public schools are in the bottom nationally for efficiency of spending of tax dollars. Where’s the outrage over that? I’d say that’s an empirical truth, so, how long until we base policy on that? And regarding the good Dr. Tyson. While it’s certainly good copy .. I’d say that to declare that only one party panders to it’s base to get elected is either naive or dishonest. I’ll go with naive because I’m a nice guy.


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