Traffic Jam

I was in a traffic jam this morning on the way into work and Dave Mason’s Traffic Jam is coming to town Friday.  That sounds like a blog entry to me.

Traffic was a fantastic band that enjoyed some modest success, but they don’t come up on many Best of lists.  I think they are an under-appreciated band.  At least two of their albums, Low Spark and John Barleycorn, are absolute classics.  They broke up before I was of concert going age and I didn’t catch the reunion shows(I seem to recall they played the Woodstock anniversary show).  I did catch Steve Winwood once but it was during his 80’s heyday and most of the songs sounded like a beer commercial.  When he broke out the Traffic and Spencer Davis songs, the place was rocking though.  Also, Jimmy Cliff opened that show and he was awesome.

Dave Mason is part of a subset of music that I have always loved.  I’m thinking about his solo stuff, Delaney & Bonny, and Derek & the Dominoes.  They’re all related.  I have seen Dave Mason twice and both were good shows.  The first time was at the Festival Tent in downtown Rochester, 8-22-85, I think.  The year is cut off of my ticket.  It was an acoustic show with his songwriting partner, Jim Krueger.  Jonathan Edwards was the opener (remember him?). Here is almost the identical show:

I imagine  that if I’m ever lucky enough to retire, I’ll spend a good part of my time watching concerts on youtube!

The second time was 4-2-88 at the Renaissance Theater in Rochester.  I don’t think that venue exists anymore.  I only saw this show there and one other, 10,000 Maniacs.  This was a full band show and he played everything you would want, Feeling Alright, Dear Mr. Fantasy, Only you Know and I Know, 40,000 Headmen, All Along the Watchtower,  on and on.  I loved every song.  I actually have a funny story about this show and a brief contact with Dave Mason, sort of, but I can’t post it here.  Don’t you hate when people do stuff like that?  Sorry.

If you’re not up on who Dave Mason is, you should check him out.  Of course I’m going to post one here too.

PS The festival tent show was in 84,. Thank you to Mr. L, for texting me a copy of his ticket, which is fully intact.



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