U.S. Blues

What makes our country so great?  Many things, tangible and intangible, come to mind.  Crazy progressive that I usually am, one of my favorite things about our country is that we nailed down the whole idea  of voting our officials into office right from the start.  It’s that whole, “power to the people” thing that hits me right where I live.  Oh sure, there was that whole “women can’t vote” thing and of course, the “slavery” thing, but thankfully, we eventually came to our senses and allowed all citizens the equal right to vote.

Or did we?

Is there anything less American than rigging the system to make it harder for people to vote?  I don’t think so.  I truly think that it’s despicable and one of the least patriotic things someone could do.  I hear you already, my conservative friends.  What about voter fraud?  We can’t have people cheating at the voting booth!  It’s not fair!

I’ve heard it all before.  And of course, you’re right. That would not be fair… if it were actually happening.  Study after study has come out to refute that argument.  Check this article out from the Washington Post:


Or let me save you the time.  Only 31 credible incidents of voter fraud were found out of 1 BILLION(Dr. Evil voice) votes cast.  I’m no mathematician but I think it’s very safe to say we do not have a problem with voter fraud.

And yet…every year, we keep seeing stories like this one:


A quick google search shows these same types of stories every year and you know what, it’s always Republicans trying to make it harder for minorities to vote.  Always.  I get it. Minorities generally vote for Democrats more than for Republicans.  Can you imagine though, if say, Governor Cuomo suddenly made it more difficult for rural voters, who are predominantly white in NYS, to vote?  There would a white guy revolution!  Hell, they hate him already because of the Safe Act.  I can honestly say that I would be with them and against Cuomo if that were ever to happen.  But of course it won’t happen.  It never happens in the other direction.  Where is the outrage now though, among Republicans?  Our right to vote is one of our most important.  If a certain segment is not voting for you, perhaps look at the reasons why instead of finding ways to make it harder for them to vote.

Power to the People, people.

PS  Here’s an update to the story.  It looks like Alabama got the message.



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