Programming Note

Not really.  I just want to say that I’m having a lot of fun writing all of this BS and that you can actually sign up to get a notification when a new post goes up.  Also, I love to read comments so, please do so if you would like to chime in.  Dissenting opinions are always welcome and you can do so anonymously, which I would recommend.  I’d really like for this to turn into a give and take.  Ooh, that makes me think of a great song by Dave Mason.  Rock on!

3 thoughts on “Programming Note

  1. It should never be about making it harder to vote, it is the most important act we do as a free society. As such, we should provide ID of some sort to prevent voter fraud from occurring as much as possible. We all have to have some form of ID to drive, cash a check, get public assistance, or do many other things of daily life, it should not be that difficult to provide a simple form of ID to vote.

    The post article may say the possibility of voter fraud is low, but down in Philly they make it seem like it happens a lot. Here in PA they wanted to require ID’s to vote, and the state, I believe was going to make sure that if you needed ID to vote you could get it. But the ACLU stepped in and filed suit to stop it and it went away for the time being.


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