The Blue & Gold

It takes a special kind of masochist to be a Buffalo sports fan.  We are well known for our near misses and have had more bad years than good with the Bills and Sabres.  If you could describe us with one picture, it would be Charlie Brown trying to kick the football again, even though he knows damn well that she’s going to pick up the ball.  But, like Charlie Brown, at the start of each season, we are full of hope and ready to roll.

So after two years of intentional tanking, and sixteen years of the despised Darcy as GM before that, the dawn is rising on a new season for the Sabres.  We have our prized possessions in Eichel and Reinhart.  We have a genuine, two way center in O’Reilly.  We have a a rough and tumble, sniper of a winger in Kane.  And we still have our own, plucky Tyler Ennis.  Scoring goals should not be the problem for our boys this year.

Stopping goals from being scored on them is where the issues are this season.  We are starting the year off with a patchwork defense and a young, unproven goalie.  What gives me a great deal of confidence though is that we have Dwight Schrut, I mean Tim Murray as our GM.

There’s nothing quite like Buffalo with a winning team.  It was bat shit crazy here in 05 and 06 and I desperately want my kids to get a chance to enjoy that before they inevitably move away.  I remember going to bars to watch games and people were high fiving strangers and chanting, “Let’s go Buffalo”.  In bars!  Every car in town had a Sabres flag or sticker on it.  Even with the slug logo, it didn’t matter. We had ten thousand people outside of the arena watching playoff games on tv screens.   Of course I have to post this:

So here’s hoping that this season is the start of something great for the Blue & Gold and  that Lucy doesn’t pull that damn ball away again.  Go Sabres!


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