It was some time in 1991, at a post college party on Englewood Ave, that a friend and former roommate of mine said that there’s this band that I absolutely have to hear.  “I know what you like and you’re going to love these guys”, he said.

Being the music snob that I am, I probably said some words to  placate him so I could move on and find the keg. I’m usually the one to turn people on to music they may not have heard before.  Only rarely has it worked out favorably in the other direction.  I’m a snob when it comes to pop culture in general, and most definitely when it comes to music. Think the record store geeks in High Fidelity.  That was me in my younger days. I wish I wrote that book!  Anyway, my friend insisted that I would love this band and made me stand there and listen to them at the party.  I can’t thank him enough(Gar).

The band was The Lowest of the Low. The album was “Shakespeare My Butt”.  Just about everyone in Canada owns it already and I’d wager that 50% of the people my age in Buffalo own it  too.  If you don’t have it, you need it.  Buy it here:

It’s a startling mix of folk, folk rock, and punk(folk rock punk?) that is filled with hooks and lyrics that cut to your soul.  It’s been called a love story to Toronto.  It’s way more than that.  It caught a moment in time for the 20 somethings of Buffalo in the early 90’s like no other album or band did.  24 years later and  it’s still in my regular rotation.

Oh, did I mention that our mutual love of the band is what brought my wife and I together?  Or that Rosy & Grey was our wedding song(only slightly inappropriate in a mixed crowd)? (we were at this show)

We’re going to see this band(our band) again this weekend at the Town Ballroom for probably the 10th time and I can’t wait.  So thanks to my old friend, Gar, and thanks to the band for making Buffalo their second home for all of these years.  As long you keep coming, we’ll keep buying the tickets.


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