Walkin Blues

Almost exactly one year ago, some good friends of mine had an awful thing happen to them.  Their daughter collapsed in gym class.  Her heart had stopped.  They were very lucky that a teacher was trained in CPR.  It’s been a long recovery and I know there were some dark times for them, but here we are, a year later, and their daughter is doing much better.

Some people would crawl under the covers and never get out of bed again but not these two.  They went to work and made sure that CPR training became mandatory in all Grand Island schools.  They also organized a fundraising walk, which takes place today, to help make that happen.

I’m proud of these two and happy to call them my friends.  I’m off to the walk in a little while.  No mean old walkin blues for me, it’s just a cool song and by law, I have to use song titles for most of my blogs.


One thought on “Walkin Blues

  1. Thank you for participating in the fundraiser walk last Saturday. Our dark times have been, and continue to be made brighter by the tremendous support we have had from our close friends and family.

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